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When you give a wombat a keyboard...

He can't type because his claws get in the way.

Mothball Wombat
30 September
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Hey, I'm Sam. I live in eastern PA. Up there is a wombat, which is a very uneven tempered yet incredibly endearing furry marsupial from Australia. I identify with wombats a lot and think they're precious, so you'll probably hear me talk about them a lot. There isn't a lot of important stuff you have to know about me, and if you have a specific question you should just leave me a comment or get in touch with me somehow. I really like meeting new people. As a rundown, though, you should know that I'm gay bisexual, I love to write, I have a love affair with Oscar Wilde - a homosexual playwright who's been dead for 107 years, I like things to be very, very clean and I'm extremely moderately afraid of insects.

Other than that, I spend a lot of time around furs, I play a lot of Pokemon (Emerald, Leaf Green and Diamond, respectively) and I can be kinda cynical. There are some things about me that I hate to talk about, but that by no means means (lulz) that I'm ashamed of them or won't bite your head off if you give me shit about them. I hate people that talk behind others' backs and if you do that, I think you're a coward. I'm generally easy to get along with, though, and I have good luck with making friends - I'm pretty much generally a social sort of person.


My name is


I am

bisexual, boy, extrovert, fag, liberal, little brother, pro-choice, pro-gay, snuggly, son, submissive, transsexual, versatile, XX

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